Fashion Monday: Black and White

9:00 AM

I've been looking for this shirt for some time now. I love stripes. But being the figure that I have, I really can't sport horizontal stripes which is essential for nautical outfits which I love so dearly. I'm not trying to fish out for compliments. You have to understand that I am Asian; and in out culture not being under the body stats of 36-24-38 you are considered overweight. Let me tell you people get mean and remind you every single moment of your life if you gain weight.
Anyway this outfit is a favorite. Don't mind my Michael Kors purse. I will be sporting this purse a lot. I want to justify this purchase by using it up. As you know I love deal and being that I spend a lot on this purse is a new concept for me.
I especially love the pop of color my purse gives to this outfit. I also want to point out my leather shorts. They are the bomb.
Hope you're loving this outfit as much as I am.

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