The Workshop: Be Your Own Inspiration

9:00 AM

Got this image here.

Whenever I hear Beyoncé's song I Was Here, I get chills and I get emotional. I mean I don't bawl out in tears, but I just get so inspired. I feel like everyone should have a motivation song for those lame "what am I doing with my life" moments. I think we all deserve a little push, so why don't you let Beyoncé sing your motivational soundtrack. It's crazy. Just the other day, I was watching this Youtube star I was following. It was her 25th birthday. What's so crazy about this is that she has a line of makeup with Lancôme, also she owns a jewelry line and has her own tv channel. See this is motivation. I need to do something about my life. I need to have something to look forward to and smile when I look back. I want to do the things I want but still accomplish something for myself. Let us become the best versions of ourselves. Let's let the future generation know that we were here.

With love,

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