Adventures: Odie Turns One

6:13 PM

Can you believe this? My baby is one year old! Its true when they say kids grow up so fast. It was a fast, crazy year, but it was one great year with Odie. He grew so big; sometimes I miss him being so tiny. I was looking through his old pictures and videos when we just got him, and I wish I documented more.

During Odie's birthday, we invited a few friends over to celebrate with us. We had a couple of friends that brought their dogs, so that was even better. We bought Odie and his friends their own cake! It was so cute, shaped like a bone with icing and lettering. My friends bought Odie gifts too and it just made it feel more legit!


I just want to thank everyone that joined us and our family in celebrating our baby's 1st year of existance. We a grateful for having friends like you who are supportive with everything we do. I can truly say I am very lucky to be part of your lives.


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