The Workshop: The Hakuna Matata Project

9:00 AM

The hakuna matata project came to my mind when I was so stressed out with internship, work and school. I was having such a hard time concentrating because of the stress that I was under. I couldn't eat properly, I was getting sick and my relationship with other people was suffering.

This wasn't anything or anyone else's fault but mine. Time management and smart planning would've been helpful. I need to know how to manage and to prioritize. I also need to find peace because when I was so stressed, I was so angry all the time.

That's why I decided to create a hakuna matata project, for me and for the readers out there that feel like the whole world is on them. So in the hakuna matata project, I want to learn how meditate, like in Eat, Pray Love. I will also learn how to do yoga.

I know there are other things that I can do to find peace and learn how to manage time and how to prioritize, so if you have any ideas let me know.


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