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I want to start this blog by explaining to you what happened before my trip. I work a double shift which is a 6am-10pm shift prior to me leaving the house at 3 in the morning to get to the airport on time.I was tired and unprepared. Lol.

On with the real post.

This series will be a three part post. The first post, this one, will be the preparations, expectations on this trip. The second part is what we did there; and the last part would be what I got from the trip, experiences or skills or things that I may have acquired during the trip.

So, for preparation:

I didn't prepare. LOL. I was so concerned with what Jerrold had to wear that I wasn't able to get clothes and shoes ready. I literally packed the night before my double shift. I slept at 3 in the morning prior to my 6 am shift.

I was so unprepared I had 3 pairs of high heels and 1 pair of flats to New York. I was walking most of the time there, so that was a real dumb thing for me to do.

I made a list of toiletries I had to bring, and you know those pad papers? Yeah I filled it from top to bottom. Yeah, I was prepared in that department.

For someone who pledges she loves packing and traveling, I'm really lousy when it comes to preparing my own bag. At least my boyfriend had his bag well prepared 

My expectations:

I really had no expectations of New York. Well ok I lied I had this great expectation of New York with pretty lights and crazy number people walking the streets. I knew I would love New York, even though I've never been there. I guess I can blame the movies for that. They give you an "idea" of how New York is.

Shine on,

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