Update: Revamp My Blog

9:00 AM

Here I am with another update you guys. I'm just going to be totally honest, New York changed me. LOL. Being in the city just made me want to do more, do better, experience everything I can. This is why I'm thinking of revamping everything in my life, including my blog.:)

I have so many things lined up for the blog, first I want to get the New York Trip Series up. This is an exciting post for me. I've always been dreaming of going to New York, and the dream has turned to reality. I'm glad I went to this trip; because, it's a real eye opener and as I said it made me want more for myself.

Another thing I have in my is the Hakuna Matata Project. If you've seen the movie Disney's The Lion King, you know what I mean. It's a project I want to create for myself; and hopefully to help you, my lovely readers, in life.

The next idea I have for this blog is called Friday Favorites. This is where I list out the things that I absolutely love. I got this idea when I was doing a project for school. I read a tidbit about how Oprah had a list of things she loves. This got me thinking of all the beauty reviews I've been watching on YouTube. Put things together, thus Friday Favorites was born.

Let me know what you guys think.This is all so exciting for me that I may have some more ideas that I have left out.

I also want to say thanks to certain sites that helped me revamp my blog. I want to thank Image maps (www.image-maps.com) for the Follow Tala link on the side, Link Within (www.linkwithin.com) for the "you may also like" after each posts, Snap Widget (www.snapwidget.com) for the Instagram stream on the side. I also wanted to give a huge shout out to October Connection who made the banner for TALA.

Shine On,

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