Adventures: October Birthdays

9:00 AM

Apart from Jerrold turning a year older, there are other people in my life that celebrated their birthdays on the month of October. In this post, I have Farhad's birthday and my sister Nikki's birthday celebrations.

We celebrated Farhad's birthday at Weber Grill. It was a first time experience for most us. It was really nice there. Usually nice restaurants are dim in lighting, and this place was no different. We had reservations, but we still had a to wait a little which was a bit annoying, but it was sorted out in the end.

The food was delightful. On our table we had the two tail lobster with a side of caesar salad, 2 New York Strip with a side of mashed potatoes, ribs with side and salmon. I had the lobster and Jerrold got one of the New York Strip, so I got a taste of both. I loved both of them. The seasoning of the lobster was just right. You can still taste the lobster; the seasoning wasn't over powering. The New York Strip was cooked medium rare. It was so juicy. Thinking about it now just makes my mouth water.


We celebrated my sister's birthday at Outback Steakhouse. It was our first time there too. We were excited; we barely go out as a family, so this was kind of a big deal. Jerrold and I got there late, so I sent Nikki a detailed message of our orders. When we got there they were just on their appetizers; but when the food started coming in, there was something weird. 

I got the 2 tail lobster with the side of Caesar salad; the same exact thing as Weber grill. There was a mix up. The server though I wanted a Caesar salad with a side of lobster. They sorted it out. A different server got me another lobster tail, they took the salad that was placed on our table and replaced it with a side salad. The server said they're taking the salad because they don't want to feel "taken away from."

At this point I was just whatever, I just want to eat. It was upsetting, because the food wasn't as good as we hoped it was. The steak was a little too chewy; the salad had too much onion taste for me and the lobster was pretty sad.

 My dad was upset because he wanted everyone to enjoy this night, but his was the only order that was actually right. Dessert was better. The kids enjoyed their dinner, which was great.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

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