14 New Things to Try in 2014

9:24 AM

I know that this month a lot of new years resolutions are made and proclaimed. It may be an updated version of last year's or a new one all together, but one thing's for sure, not everything in this list gets checked off. I am as guilty as anyone who has forgotten their resolution by March. Maybe it's because it's a list meant for other people and we're just going with what society deems us to. Maybe it's because it feels like a chore doing it because of how the list sounds like.

This year, I did something different. I created a list of 14 new things I want to do within this year. This is a big year for me; I turn 24, I'm finally graduating and I'm traveling for a wedding! The last one was amp up more than it should be; but first of all, I love weddings. In my spare time I enjoy watching 27 dresses hoping that one day it would happen to me. LOL. Not really, but you know. All these three means that I am old! I'm so old that my friends are getting married and that I need to find a career.

So with out further ado here is the major list os 2014!

What does your list look like?

Shine on,

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