Adventures: The Super Late post of our New York Trip Day 1

3:32 PM

So, I know this has been long overdue, but better late than never, am I right?

We were in New York for about 4 days. Let me take you through the day by day of our New York trip.

We arrived at La Guardia around 9 am. We arrived earlier than expected, but the notorious traffic of New York hit us right away as we tried to make our way to our hotel. What was nice about our hotel was that we were walking distance from Times Square. (Then again, Times Square is big enough to be walking distance from everything.) My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to have our own room, since I'm really bad with sleeping with others. (LOL)

The first order of business when we got there was to visit this place called Libra Leather. It was a very laid back type of place, with a very handsome welcoming committee. He gave us a tour of the place and showed us the different kinds of fabric they get. He was also great in explaining the process of achieving certain looks for different kinds of leather. Apart from the huge inventory of leather and fur,  they had a second level where they showcase their finished products. Some of the products were on sale, but some were strictly to decorate the wonderful place.


After Libra Leather, we were able to take some time for ourselves. We went to Central Park. It was really nice. They had a band playing, a guy that made bubbles, and there were a lot of people just jogging and stuff. It's funny because I'm sure I could find the same thing in a Chicago park, but I still can't get over New York.


That night we went to see this musical called "Avenue Q." It was hilarious! It was like watching an Sesame Street show for older people. Those were some talented people on stage. We weren't able to take pictures because cameras weren't allowed in the theater, but  it was an amazing experience. It was a great way to end the night.

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