Adventure: New York Day 3

7:28 PM

Day three wasn't too eventful. We went to the Gap, but we weren't able to take too many pictures because they were doing their next season items. One of the girls that was giving us a tour and explaining to us the things they do at Gap went to AI in Chicago, so she was very relatable.

Although day three didn't have much industry visits, it had a lot of amazing stories, like when we had free time after the Gap, my boyfriend decided to go to Jollibee, a Filipino fast food chain that made its way to New York. We made sure to visit, just because it's been a while. We got lost way too many times trying to get there, but we didn't give up. At least my boyfriend didn't. It was an experience getting lost in the subway of New York, but hey, we got there and back in one piece.

When we got to Jollibee, it was so worth it! We were both so happy that we got there and got to take everything in like we were in the Philippines. It was so fun.

After we got back from Jollibee in Queens, we decided to walk around Times Square and just experience New York. It was full of life even in the wee hours of the night. It was a place that I wish every place was like. I love the night life, so seeing everything still open 'til 1 in the morning was very exciting for me. 

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