Adventures: Going Away Party and Early Christmas Party

8:53 PM

Last year, we celebrated Christmas really early. We tied it in with my going away party, because I was spending the holidays in the Philippines. We made the party really fun and casual. People brought food and I baked dessert. It was fun because it consisted of the people that I love to hang out with. I wish I took more pictures, but it just got too crazy for me to remember to take pictures. Also, pardon my face, I literally didn't fix myself up because baking and cleaning the house got too hectic.

I always complain to this girl that we don't have any pictures together; and if we do, I look like crap. This picture was no exception.

 We played this game called Cranium. It was so much fun! We decided to go play the game battle of the sexes style! LOL. You can take a guess on who dominated this game. Ahem.  It was funny 'cause in the beginning, the guys didn't seem like they care for the game, they were sitting on the other couch acting disengaged, but as the game progressed, they started getting so into it, they were all standing up.

That was also the day of gift giving for us. We gave the girls make up sets and the guys neckties.

 …and I got stuff too!!!
From Jenny

From JR & Ariene

From Prizzi and Bryan

and from my BFF. :)

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