Adventures: New York Day 4

6:11 PM

On our last day in New York, we went to this place called Funtastic Fur. It is a place where they create anything with fur. They have their own design, but they also take in orders from big designer companies. It was scary because of the stories they shared though. They said they can't advertise or market their items because of all the threats they get from animal rights movements. The guy that was explaining the process to us was very nice and he was very keen on sharing with us his ways. Their products are so amazing! They had leather products too! 

Tommy Hilfiger was the last stop on our industry field trip in New York. They gave us this presentation on what they do and who they look for in terms of future job opportunities. It was great because they have paid internship programs which is perfect if you get in, but it's a great big competition just to be considered.

Before this trip came to a finish, we decided to have one final lunch together. We found this little restaurant close to Tommy Hilfiger. It was called Pepe Gallio. We were able to sit in the back where they had their garden. You wouldn't even think it would have something like that hidden in the restaurant. It was so New York. Beautiful! Did I mention how amazing their food was? Yeah! It was spectacular.

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