Fashion: OOTD #00027 Snow Day

10:00 AM

So, I saw this winter outfit picture from Pinterest and I fell in love with her winter coat. It was an army green coat with fur on the hood. I tried looking for this jacket in stores, but I had no luck. Then I started going through my closet, which should've been my first thought. Then I remembered I recently bought an army green coat, which of course was not in my closet at the time. That's why I didn't think of it earlier, because I couldn't see it.

Anyway, I decided to pair my army green coat with my fur vest. I pulled the oversized collar of the vest and it looked like one whole piece. I just loved how it looked. I've been looking for a way to use my fur vests this winter season, I just couldn't find the right outfit to do it with.

I finished the outfit with my cute winter heels. I think I got these from DSW.

I also added a print in my ensemble with this Steve Madden leopard print purse. It just adds more fun to the look, don't you think so?


 This is what the inside of my outfit looked like. I went to a party at an arcade, so I just wanted a laid back look.

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