Friday Favorites: #00002 Murad Environmental Shield Kit

3:38 PM

When I was young, I loved playing out in the sun and going swimming in the summer. I never bothered to put any sun screen or anything on my face. I rarely got sunburnt. Now that I'm older, I know better than to go out in the sun without anything to protect my face, and I have freckles on my cheeks to remind me.
In hopes of lightening my freckles, I bought a Murad Environmental Shield Kit for $45. It included an Essential-C Cleanser, Advanced Active Radiance Serum (for day use), Essential-C Day Moisturizer, and Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum (for night use). This kit was said to fade sun and age spots in just 4 weeks.


When using the cleanser, my face didn't feel as squeaky clean as other cleansers. It feels very light. The serums, both day and night, feel sticky on the face, but I guess that's just how serums are. The moisturizer feels and looks a little greasy on the face.

After One Week

After Two Weeks

Four Weeks

After using it for almost 4 weeks now, I don't feel any different. My freckles are still visible. They were never really dark to begin with, so I'm not sure if they faded at all. I have also had these freckles since I was in elementary school. I wonder if I would have more success with new sun spots rather than ones I've had for years. Many people found this product useful, however, it didn't make much of a difference on me so I would not purchase it again.

If you have experiences with this product, feel free to share with us!
Until next time! 

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