Over the Weekend: Ayie's Birthday Brunch

12:22 PM

Part two of our Birthday celebration weekend is my "big sister's" birthday brunch. (For part one of February birthday celebration, click here) For those of you who have just joined us on our blog, the reason why I put " " around big sister is because she really isn't my big sister by blood, but you can be sure that she is in every other way possible.

We celebrated her birthday at Texas de Brazil where we had brunch with a bunch of her other friends. Texas de Brazil is a beautiful but expensive restaurant. Going for brunch was cheaper than dinner. It was about $40 per person for unlimited meat and a salad bar. Dessert was also included in their brunch special. We definitely made sure we were all starving before coming here. It was a fun brunch where we caught up with everyone and enjoyed good food.

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