Over the Weekend: B96 Girls Night Out

10:00 AM

The B96 Girls Night Out is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Food, open bar, entertainment, and services were provided for those who participated in this event. Swag bags, which included tickets to various places, makeup, nail polish, a nifty compact brush mirror lint remover trio, and tons of snacks and chocolates, were also given to everyone. Tickets for this event were $50 a person, but because we went as a group of four girls, it was $150 for four tickets and a parking pass which came out to be about $38 a person. All in all, we definitely got more than our money's worth. We had a blast! Take a look for yourself!

Sweet treats we got to try! 
The lash booth. They were so cool.

Prizzi, Ariene and Jen got instant highlights!

Someone's excited.
Prizzi all made up.
The lip bar
Here we are at the Laugh Factory Booth

The Chicago Culture Center was so pretty!

We had shawarma after the bash.
Since we were all dolled up, we decided to put it to use at Max bar.
Prizzi with her Vegas Bomb.
The "Swag" bag check the next morning was so fun!

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