Over the Weekend: Bryan and JR's Gameworks Night

12:22 PM

 Ok, so we've moved our "Adventures" column to Tuesdays and decided to rename it "Over the Weekend" which seemed appropriate. So readers, check out what we do over our weekends every Tuesday! This post has been delayed for technical difficulties, but without further ado, I give you "Over the Weekend."

Over the weekend, we celebrated 3 birthdays. We had a back to back birthday celebration at Gameworks last Saturday; while my "big sister's" birthday celebration happened last Sunday at Texas de Brazil. It was quite a busy, expensive weekend for all of us, but it was equally fun.

Gameworks is a place with different kinds of arcade and ticket games, pool tables, and a bar. After 9:00pm, it is only open to people 21 and over. That's when all the fun begins! We had all the games to ourselves and didn't have to worry about setting a bad example for children while we were drinking (not that we would anyway). It was a lot of fun. We were able to play all sorts of arcade games and spend time with each other. Here are some pictures of our trip to Gameworks for Bryan & JR's birthday celebration.

...and yes, we got to play DDR! It was the highlight of the night. Obviously we had a lot of fun judging from the picture taken here.

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