The Workshop: Hakuna Matata Project Week 2

10:00 AM

This past week, we have been focusing on getting enough sleep. Some days were more successful than others. Here are our results!

Both D and I tried week one's focus. D had a real challenge on her plate. D is a night owl. Everything she does is done in the wee hours at night. It's like her energy just starts waking up at that time. She doesn't sleep at the right time, ever. All her ideas come rushing in her head when she is in bed trying to go to sleep. If that isn't enough, she remembers everything she needs to do when she's about to hop into bed. 

I, on the other hand, can barely stay up past midnight on weekdays. Some nights I do stay up later than others, but for the most part, I go to be around midnight or earlier. I would love to get 10 hours of sleep each night. When I get less than 10 hours of sleep during the week because of work and other things, I feel tired. I hate waking up in the mornings but work forces me to do so. Although I love my sleep, sometimes if I get too much, I feel sick or lazy throughout the day and may even get headaches.

For the past week, we've been logging our sleep. If you want to read the past week, click here. D has been good for the past week. She slept at least 7 hours each day of the week apart from 2 days of the week she had to wake up extra early. This girl really needs to learn how to get some good sleep. I hope this workshop helps her.

I have slept at least 7 hours each night as well, and not more than 9 hours. However, I did notice that on nights that I slept later, the more tired I would feel the next day, regardless of getting 7-9 hours of sleep. I feel like I had a really good week; I was more productive than usual. Despite working longer hours, I did not feel drained by the end of the day. 

Week 2

This week, our focus is on meditation. Meditation is "an ancient and spiritually founded internal process meant to promote positive qualities such as contemplation, tranquility, and self-awareness." It is a way to forget everything for a few minutes so we can maintain a stress-free way of living. For those of you who seek enlightenment, meditation may be something for you to try! Meditation calms the mind and increases focus.

With this being our first time trying to meditate, I found some helpful tips. Here are some tips for all you first timers who are willing to try this with us!

1. Find a peaceful and private place to meditate. It can literally be anywhere!
2. Put away all your electronics! Phone calls and emails can wait for a few minutes!
3. It doesn't have to be completely silent. Feel free to play calming music or sounds such as running water, ocean sounds, rain, etc.
4. Set up a specific time to meditate everyday. Keep it consistent!
5. You don't have to spend 30 minutes meditating. When starting out, start with 5 minutes and then work your way up.
6. Wear comfortable clothing. I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to sit lotus style in skin tight jeans.
7. Stretch before you sit in a comfortable, yet upright position. Keep your back straight.
8. Closing your eyes is optional, but it may help block out any distractions in your area.
Come back next week to read about our results!

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