Welcome Our New Members!

12:20 PM

Welcoming to our team, Jen. Jen is taking on two roles for our blog; she is going to be a new contributor and a copyeditor. She is involved with a lot of the future projects of the blog. She has also been in charge of The Workshop section of the blog for the past couple of weeks. Not only that, Jen has also been making sure that everything in our posts is in top shape before having you, our readers, see it. We want the best possible articles and posts for you guys.

 Welcoming to our team, Jerrold, our official photographer. He has been taking the pictures that are in the blog even before he was officially on the team. He is going to continue to give you wonderful pitcures for our future posts, so watch out for those.

 Hey, this is no new member! LOL. Yup. I got  a goodie bag too. Lucky me, right? As always, I hope you find this site a great place to visit. I really hope that one day our blog grows and expands to be as successful as the blogs I've been idolizing. It's been a great year and some months. Let's keep this going, shall we?

 We ended up doing an impromptu meeting as soon as we all opened our goodie bags. We just really wanted to keep the ball rolling with this blog and make everything great for our beloved readers.

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