Over the Weekend: Museum of Science and Industry for Jenny's Birthday

10:53 AM

Our very own, Jen, celebrated her birthday last Saturday. We went to the Science & Industry Museum downtown. It was a lot of fun and very fitting for our teacher to be contributor. It was a lot of fun. If we had more time we would be able to enjoy a lot of the other things the museum had to offer. There were a whole lot of different things in the museum; some we restricted to different types of tickets, so keep that in mind when you visit. It would've been a great opportunity if we were able to see the Disney archive that was present in the museum as well.

We had a lot of fun at the small old town that the museum had in a corner of it's huge building. It was so cute. I think that was my favorite. I love to look at old towns.

This goes so well with the hakuna matata post this week. Don't you think so? Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here then.

The first Walgreen! Well you know a mock of it. Lol.

We continued our party at Jen's house. We were supposed to go to a couple of bars by Rosemont, but because of the really icky weather Chicago has been having, we decided to stay in. Jenny made spaghetti! I made green tea cupcakes and cake pops that we forgot to take pictures of, but fear not, you can find it on my instagram. Follow me @bloggers25s.

Happy birthday Jen, hope you had a blast!

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