The Workshop: Hakuna Matata Project Week 5

10:52 AM

 How are those smiles coming along? This week, we've been focusing on oral hygiene. We've been brushing and flossing our teeth all week. ( Hopefully more than just this past week. LOL.) Going easy on the sweets was difficult. I didn't stay completely off the sweets, but I didn't have too much. I did not go to the dentist this week because of my busy schedule and their busy schedule. I did, however, manage to set up a dentist appointment for April 12th! I know it's still next month, but that's the next time they could schedule me in. D has her appointment coming up fairly soon, so she's excited for that.

Brushing my teeth wasn't difficult since I do that twice a day everyday anyway. Flossing was a little annoying. I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth which makes flossing a pain. I need to use threading floss to floss a few of my bottom teeth. I do love the extra clean feeling I have after brushing and flossing my teeth though.

Don't forget to use mouthwash after everything to complete the cleaning process.:)

Week 5

Got this image here.

This week, we will be talking about feelings. Talking about your feelings means "verbally communicating how you feel to another person." Talking about your feelings promotes psychological well-being, increases disease immunity, and strengthens human bonds.

Some people are better at this than others depending on the situation. Just find a good listener and don't be afraid to tell them anything and everything you feel. You don't have to hide anything. Just let it all go and you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. After you've ranted about everything you felt like you needed to get out, be sure to return the favor and be a good listener as well. You'll realize that you're not the only person in the whole world with problems. You'll also have someone that can sympathize with what you're going through, support you, or give their honest opinion in regards to your situation.

Talking about your feelings is a simple task unless you're a really secretive person. Either way, give it a try! You might find that you enjoy the conversation.

Talk to you soon!

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