Update: A letter from D

12:24 AM

Hello everybody,

I hope everyone has been well. We at the Blogger's Quarters team have not forgotten about you. We've just been busy because just last week, I graduated!!!! Woot!! It's finally done. That chapter of my life is now in the past. I don't think the idea has sank in yet, but it will eventually. It was only last Thursday but it feels like forever ago when we had our Portfolio Show. This was where we showcased our past projects to employers and our family and friends.

It was a lot of stress to get everything together, but it was a great experience and I had fun and gained friends in the process.

Check out my portfolio show!

We enjoyed a great early dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. It was amazing as always. I love seafood, so I enjoyed it so much.

I got a couple of great offers with the portfolio show and it turned out great. I got a job at an amazing marketing consulting agency; so please forgive our absence online, but the past month was quite a roller coaster ride.

A new chapter in my life has turn and its now time to get used to the changes. We will still continue to post awesome articles, just give us a bit to get used to this change. We have a great list of things we want to talk about.

See you next time!

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