An open letter to my past self

3:37 AM

To my past self,

Sometimes things happen so we can realize that its time to let go. This helps us see that it's time for the next chapter in our lives. It allows us to welcome the new people that want to be part of our lives. Sometimes moving on is exactly what you need, even if it is the hardest thing for you right this moment.

Remember this; moving on doesn't mean we have lost and given up the fight, it just means that we have accepted the new life we should be living.

Let us not spend our tomorrows regretting yesterday's mistakes. Time is too precious to be wasted dwelling on something you can't change.

Stay strong! Everything happens for a reason. It sounds so cliche, but someday you will look back on this day and find out that its true. It may hurt right now, you may not see tomorrow from where you're standing, but trust me it will get better, you will be ok.

The future you.

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