Update: Don't Hate Me, Cause I Love You.

11:00 AM

Hello my lovers!

If you've been here before, how do you like the new site? Yes. We have rebranded yet again. I promise this is the last. I got a domain and everything, so we're for sure staying this way forever. If you haven't been here before, I officially welcome you. This is how we used to look like. It's not going too far from it, but we did rebrand.

So remember when I said a while ago that I'm in between way too many projects? I can officially share them with you! Gahhhh. Feel my excitement?

Ok so, apart from this rebranding, we have an official release date of the first online Look Book produced by us here at Not a Size Zero. We'll have it out on February 14, 2015! It may sound far from now, but it will be here before you know it.

Don't get too excited with that news because I have more! We have grown! Yes! We have a sister blog and it's called "Life of a Food Porn Star." You should check it out. That where we keep all the porn pics. Food porn that is.

Finally I wanted to share with you the news that we have started a traveling frame company. We named it "The Big Idea Photo Booth." What it is essentially a photo booth, BUT it's not! We hand made the frame that you choose from out website, www.thebigideaphotobooth.com. It's fun and interactive and we're actually on site at your event to help make the photo booth experience even better!

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