Lifestyle: Travel Diaries - Obando, Bulacan Philippines 2014

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So last May, I went to the Philippines. I was there for a week before my boyfriend and his parents came. There's a lot that happened, but it felt like nothing really happened? Here is a compilation of the adventures I had with my boyfriend while we were in the province of Bulacan. This is where I grew up.

We were eating lugaw here in these pictures. Lugaw is the tagalog word for porridge. This place is pretty good. Its on a side street, which is usually how food places are in my province. This place is actually super close to the school I went to. I actually tricked my boyfriend to eating cow tongue. I mean it's not like he hasn't had it before. He just never had it the way it was cooked last night.

These are my cousins who went with me to the airport to pick up my boyfriend. I was also lucky enough to celebrate my birthday there with my family and friends that I missed dearly. Below was the morning or my birthday where they surprised me with a small Mamon with candles. lol

You see that machine on the left? That's a karaoke machine. It's something that's always present in a Filipino party.

Oysters! My favorite. Here are some of the food that I had for my little get together.
Above is Crispy Pata. Below is Pork BBQ.
Above is Relienong Bangus which is stuffed milk fish. Below is my grandma's famous Kare Kare or Filipino curry. She makes the best Kare Kare. We pair it off with her homemade Bagoong or fish paste. Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is! 

Up until the next day, we were still singing.

This is called Taho. I had my boyfriend try it and he is addicted. He said that this is his favorite out of everything I made him try. Every time he hears the man who sells it come by, he gets super excited.
Above is my boyfriend having lunch with my cousins. They really liked him, even though they barely spoke with him 'cause they were shy and he doesn't speak Tagalog.
Below is my boyfriend's street food adventure. I was really happy that he was able to try the things I love in my province. We came at a good time, because the town festival just past and there was still a lot of street vendors.

Above is BBQ and below is an array of drinks we call sa malamig. The left most drink is tapioca &gelatin drink or Sago Gulaman. Next to it is both cantaloupe drink or what we call Melon.

He was super excited to get Jollibee. You had no idea. What is Jollibee you may ask. It the Filipino version of a Mc Donalds to say the least.

Above is my very cute nephew Aykhel. Below are some fish balls freshly cooked. In the Philippines, food comes to us. We don't need to call or anything. Lol

Well that concludes our adventures in Obando, Bulacan. Don't forget to check in for the next trip.

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