Lifestyle: Travel Diaries - Puerto Galera, Philippines 2014

4:33 PM

Most of you were aware of the fact that I was in the Philippines for the summer of this year. It was a great feeling; because I was able to experience new things, and visit a lot of different places.

This specific posts is about my trip to Puerto Galera with my high school friends. This trip was extra fun because it was like a high school field trip. We took a trip down memory lane and talked about our high school days. It was loads of fun.

This was a three day trip where we ate, hung out, sang and had fun. 

This was one of those new things that I tried; riding a carabao.

This place was amazing. I hope to come back.

Above: Grilled Pusit (Squid)

Mango Pancakes (BTW Mangoes in the Philippines are the best!)

A common breakfast in the Philippines: eggs, fried rice and tocino (cured meat)...

...or another variation pork chop, fried rice and eggs.

It was an amazing time that I will forever treasure. I miss my friends and I hope to see them again soon. This concludes my Puerto Galera trip. Check back in to see my next travel post.

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