Lifestyle: Travel Diaries - Tagaytay, Philippines 2014

4:49 PM

Hello my loves,

I wanted to share my parts of my Philippines when I went last May. I know, I know I need to get better with this posting thing. Hahaha. 

Well let me take you on a little journey to Tagaytay, Philippines These photos are from a restaurant called Josephine's which is well known for the Bulalo which is a Filipino beef stew.

This is Palabok it's noodles. I'm not a big fan of this dish, but whatever, not my order. Lol.

This is call Tuyo actually they called it something special, but it's basically tuyo which translates "dry" in English. It's dried fish, really salty dried fish. Don't be fool with it's looks. Dip this sucker in vinegar with garlic and I'm telling you, you'll never go back.

This is the famous Bulalo. It has beef,  broth and vegetables. This stew has beef bone marrow. If you haven't had it in your life, you need to at lease try it once. It's very "blubbery," so fair warning.

We Filipinos love our dips.

Gahhhhhh Parmesan Oysters. They're an aphrodisiac and cheesy. Need I say more? 

It was really hot in the Philippines, so shakes are a common item on the menu.

This concludes my Tagaytay trip. Check back in to see my next travel post. 

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