Valentines Date Tutorial

9:00 AM

Hey guys, I know Valentines day is around the corner and I know you're looking for ideas on what to wear and how to wear your make up. Well you have come to the right place. Let me help you get this look for your Valentines date.

Check out the video I did on this tutorial as well!

Now, let's work on your hair. I don't know about you, but there's just something about curling my hair that makes me feel very girly and dressed up. Maybe it's because I have straight hair and curling my hair means I actually took time for my hair.

I'm quite new to this curling my hair thing. My girlfriends usually help me with curling my hair, but ever since I got my new straightener, I made myself promise to make time for my hair. It's quite easy really. Prep is the main thing. It makes everything easier.
Brush your hair. It makes it easier to curl untangled hair.

Divide your hair into sections. I like doing this because it helps me see which section still needs to get curled. Is that weird? Also, you can only curl sections of your hair anyway.

Then, you will want to remember these three steps. Hair on iron, twist and pull. Put a section of hair onto the curling iron, twist the iron and gently pull. The longer you leave your hair on the iron, the tighter the curl will be. BUT! Be careful! Don't leave it on too long. When I curl my hair, I have it set to 180 degrees and I curl for 5 -7 seconds.

Now for the clothes! When picking out clothes for your date, pick something that you feel good in, It's a date, you want to feel pretty in the dress you're wearing. Dresses makes me feel super good and confident. For me a form fitting dress is a very sophisticated silhouette. I would wear a form fitting dress if I'm going to a professional place or fancy place. Is that just me? 

I hope this helps you get ready for your Valentines date. 

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