How to Have an Adult Sleepover

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Sleepovers as a child were loads of fun. I remember going to sleepovers with a bunch of girls and we would play games like Truth or Dare or Twister, talk about our crushes, play evil pranks on each other (sticking someone’s socks in the refrigerator or sticking someone’s hand in warm water), watch T.V., and try to stay up all night.  Now, my parents tell me that I’m too old to have sleepovers with friends. Too old for a sleepover?! Never! Sleepovers as an adult are even more fun! At least they are with my friends! Here are some things that we do on our sleepovers:

1.  Plan the sleepover first.
Talk to the people involved about what all of you want to do.  Whoever is hosting should make sure you have everything ready.  Clean and make room, if you must!  You have a long day and night ahead of you.
2.  Start early.
Just because it is a sleepover doesn’t mean that you have to start at night.  There isn’t enough time in one night to do all the fun things you want to do.  Especially when your bedtime is at 9PM! Starting early will allow you to do all the fun daytime things with your friends such as shopping, cooking/baking, eating, watching movies, going on day adventures, etc.

3.  Make sure you have food!
You cannot have a sleepover without food!  Plan your meals.  Whether you are going to cook together or eat at a restaurant, planning will give you an idea of how much time you’ll have to do for the other stuff.  Everyone gets hungry at some point during the day.  Also make sure to have snacks.  You’ll be needing them in the middle of the night when you realize that you’re still talking at 3AM and you’re hungry!
4.  Treat yourselves to a spa/beauty night.
-Wear face masks! Have everyone wear a face mask and take funny pictures.  I guarantee you’ll all be giggling at each other.  Then when they come off, your skin will be looking and feeling radiant.

-Paint your nails!  Give each other design ideas or help each other paint the other person’s non-dominant hand.  It’s great having an extra person there!

-Play with makeup!  Even if you’re not going anywhere, it’s always fun to try new looks.  And you have another person to tell you if it looks good or not.  Then wipe it all off when you’re done!

-Do each other’s hair!  Try out those hairstyles you always wanted to try but couldn’t because your hands and arms got tired from trying to do them on yourself.

-Play dress-up!  Try on clothes or outfits.  Get all dressed up, strike a pose, and take tons of pictures.  No one is judging you!
5.  If you’re musical, make music!
Play instruments, sing songs, write songs.  Pretend to have a band.  The possibilities are endless!

6.  Drink and talk.
Since this IS an adult sleepover, open a bottle of wine or play bartender.  Everyone is sleeping at the same place anyway.  You can drink to your heart’s content.  Plus, alcohol will give you an excuse for talking so much!
7.  Watch a movie.
If you really want to feel like an adult, watch a rated R movie!  Chick flicks are my favorite.  You can laugh, cry, and talk with your friends about moments in the movie you can relate to.

Alright, so some of these things that we do on adult sleepovers are similar to things we did as a child.  We just tweaked them a bit.  Instead of watching cartoons, we’re watching adult movies.  Instead of playing dress-up with princess costumes and stealing our mothers’ makeup, we’re using our own clothes and our own makeup and taking it another step by taking magazine-worthy pictures.  Instead of drinking apple juice, we’re drinking alcohol.  Some things never change, and some things just get better with age.  What do you do on your adult sleepovers?

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