Nomnom: How to Make Turon (Banana Wrap)

11:55 AM

As promised, we present you some Filipino food. We'll start with something simple, but still super good. This is called Turon (two-ron). Its basically a banana wrap. It's sweet and delicious. We usually have it in the afternoon for a snack back in the Philippines, but hey, no one is stopping you from trying it at any time.

What you'll need:
5 pc plantain
10 pc Lumpia wrapper
60 g shredded, sweetened Jackfruit
10 tsp brown sugar
cooking oil for deep frying

How to do it:
Cut plantain in half crosswise
This time, cut the two halves lengthwise
Take one lumpia wrapper, and put the ingredients on top of the lumpia wrapper in the order of plantain, jackfruit, sugar, plantain.
Roll the wrapper, and before closing entirely, brush the end of the wrapper with water to close the roll.
Deep fry the roll until it turns brown.
Strain the excess oil from the turon

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