15 Things to Do this Summer

12:12 PM

Let this summer be a fun and productive one. Check of tasks in your to do list and your bucket list. Here are some things you may have missed that you really should do this Summer!

1. If you haven’t done your annual “spring cleaning”, then this is your chance to do so. As soon as the weather is consistent, it is time to put your coat away and time to take out you sundresses. Also, this isn’t just about transitioning your clothes to another; take the time to organize by deciding to minimize what is in your closet. Definitely time to sort thru your clothes, shoes etc and donate them. If you haven’t worn it for three months guess what? It belongs to goodwill! 

2. Take advantage of the weather. Do everything outside if possible such as exercising/working out. Instead of paying monthly for your gym, cancel it for a few months and go for a run. 

3. This is also the right time to invite friends to get together because there is no hassle to drive in the snow. I used to cancel my plans just because I was afraid to drive in the snow but in the summer, the only excuse you have is NONE. Summer will come and go so quickly so you might as well enjoy every minute of it. 

4. One of the things that I haven’t done is a movie drive-in. I know every city offers in the summer you just have to look for it (maybe online). Most of it is cheap or it even ends up for free. 

5. GRAB SUNSCREEN. JUST DO IT. The sun is too harsh on our skin and I can’t emphasize that enough. We need to protect our skin. You don't want premature facial lines or wrinkles in your twenties. Do you? Thus, lather up! Keep yourself hydrated and water is always the best choice. 

6. Since it's warmer outside, this is also the perfect time to get your car checked or even just get a car wash or you might as well do it yourself. My car usually becomes an extended closet so I tend to leave clothes, shoes etc in my car. Thus, it would also be great to clear it out just like my closet in my room.
7. Just like working out outside, it would also be a good idea to eat in the park. Summer is always a bbq weather. 

8. Of course we like to shop around, instead of going to an indoor mall, why don't you try to go to an out door mall. Some outdoor ones are pet friendly so you can bring your dog with you while shopping. Don't you just love to multitask? Shopping and walking the dog at the same time?

9. Go to a flea market. If you love bargain goods and fresh produce, it is the place to go to!

10. Usually each city has it's own mini water park. If you don't feel like driving too far or paying so much money and you want to just have fun that includes the sun and water, mini water parks are the best place to go to! Some places allow you to bring your own food, which means would save you more money. 

11. Bonfire! When it's warm enough to stay outside and cool enough not to get all sticky and sweaty. This is perhaps one of my favorite things to do since I love s'mores! Plus the company of either your family or friends. Maybe a little sing-a-long on the side. Zero cash needed. wink wink 

12. Anything that you haven't done but you are dying to do so? Like maybe read a book, a movie you've been dying to watch or trying to catch up with friends you haven't talk to for a long time? This is a great chance to do all of the above. 

13. Haven't gone biking, hiking, play tennis or badminton? Don't waste any time. Summer will come and go (real quick) anything that requires to be outdoors, do it now! 

14. Since you are going to be doing a lot this summer, you are going to sweat a lot, which means the chances of you getting dehydrated. Thus, KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED ALL THE TIME. Tweak your water a little bit by adding lemon or cucumbers in it, which is a good source of antioxidant as well. 

15. Keep a spare of bathing suit, flipflops, towel and sunblock in your car, you'll never know when you'll need it!

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