Angry Crab Review

9:00 AM

If you’re ever in the Chicago area and are craving some fresh seafood, the Angry Crab is the place to be.  You can literally smell the sea in this small restaurant.

The Angry Crab sells seafood by the pound.  You can choose from lobster, Snow crab, Alaskan Red King crab, Blue crab, Dungeness crab, shrimp with or without head, crawfish, oysters, and clams.  You then pick your flavoring: lemon pepper, garlic butter, angry spice, or all.  Then you pick your level of spiciness: Calm Cubs, Raging Bulls, Ferocious Bears, and Dangerous Hawks.  Just to warn you, the spiciest one is super spicy.  The people I know who love super spicy foods only ordered the second spiciest and still said that it was super spicy.  You can add sausage, potatoes, and corn too.  And it’s all served in a big plastic bag! It looks like a fresh catch!

I tried their snow crab legs and their headless shrimp with garlic butter and the least spiciness.  It was delicious!  It was super flavorful and the shrimp was so juicy and plump!

These were my only concerns.  I went with a group of 15 people for Denise’s birthday.  We had to wait for a while because they do not take reservations.  I know, bummer, especially with a big party like ours.  While we were waiting, the waiter told us that they could not split the bill, and that we could only use 2 cards maximum.  It was challenging to collect everyone’s cash and then figure out who owes who how much and what not.  Angry Crab should definitely work on that.  But the food was excellent.  They do carry out too!  If you ever have time, you should totally check this place out!  We’ll probably see you there!

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