Happy Mother's Day

12:36 PM

Every year, we give one day to celebrate all the moms in the world. Is one day ever really enough to thank our mom for everything they have done for us? Last night, I was watching the Try Guys series of motherhood videos. One of the videos they did is the pain simulations of giving birth. It was an eye opener of everything my parents went through, especially my mom.

To all the moms out there, I salute you. By being a mom, you have shown the world of how tough, strong, patient, loving and caring you are. I applaud all the mom out there. Being a mom is no joke, especially to girls. I remember all the arguments I had with my mom, I know I'm not the only one who's had that, but I was so difficult looking back at it.

Today at Not A Size Zero, we are celebrating our moms as well!

To My Mom,

I love you. I feel like these words have been over used and has lost it's meaning, but if they ever come up with a better way to describe the feelings I have for you, I will gladly use it.  I'm glad to call you my mom. You are my inspiration. I look up to you because you are brave and caring. Thank you for raising us to become who we are today. I will be nothing with out you... literally.


To My Mom,


I may not say this a lot, but I love you and I appreciate everything that you have sacrificed for us! Thank you for being the best at what you do. Happy Mother's Day. And Happy early Birthday. I love you!

To My Mom,

I may not always be the best daughter, but you've always been the best mom for me. I may complain and argue about decisions you make for me, but I know it's because you love me and want to keep me safe. You've always supported me in everything I've done, and always want the best for me. Thank you for always putting me first before yourself. Thank you for everything you do for our family. I love you, and happy mother's day!

To My Mom,
It might seem like I have forgotten the times when you stayed up late when I was sick or the nights when we both stayed up late helping me with my project or homework. I remember the times when you came from work and you made sure Jaja and I have "pasalubong" and those Sunday afternoons that we ate out and you bought me new clothes and shoes. I recall everything mother and I have this nostalgic feeling and every time it brought tears in my eyes yet not just for the bitter- sweet feeling but I'm filled with joy to have you as my mother. God couldn't have picked a better mom for me. I love you, mom.

To My Mom,

Holding the title of "Mom" comes with many sacrifices, heart breaks, and small victories. Let it be known that you are making the world a better place and for that I am eternally grateful to have an amazing mother. You have taught me life's little treasures and as well as the hardships it may bring. Now it is time for you to relax and reap in life's rewards for all the hard work you have done. I love you mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! You are amazing.

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