How to Have a Spa Night

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Relaxing is one of the best gift you can give yourself. From all of the stress that you get from work or even from working out your body needs time to rest and to regain strength. Giving yourself even just one night every week will give you much more strength throughout the week because you have giving yourself a break. In this Blanche I will show you cheap alternative for you to have an in-home staff. This will not replace going to a spa and getting a massage, but this will help when you're in the middle of a week and you just need to de-stress and take a big load off your shoulders.

Check out the video that I made for creating your in home spa experience.

The most important thing and having it in home spa is the preparation the better you prepare for your spy experience, the less you worry about it later on it's giving you more time to relax. In preparing your things what you'll need our music, scents, bubble baths or bath soaks and an aromatherapy lotion or oil. If you plan to have a facial right after, you'll need 

Once you've had the items you'll need prepared, the first thing you want to do is to meditate. It is important for you to start your spa experience with meditating or relaxing in any shape or form. You can meditate sitting down or relax lying down. Dow what ever it is that feel comfortable to you. If you  would like to read our post about meditating, click here.

In creating an in-home spot experience creating the ambience or the environment is key this is why we have the music and the scents.

For music you can choose anything really if you choose to have a sound that's just of rain or wind or you can have a playlist of classic songs. We have found a couple of great playlist that you can listen to during years by experience. We have also found an album where you can download great songs to listen to while in the bath.


You can chose to light a candle or some incense, or if you have one of those plugs that make your room smell good, that works well too. It's really important to chose a scent that you like, because you will be smelling it for a while. Lavender is usually the relaxation scent, but if this is a scent that is not pleasing to you, I would suggest you consider another scent.


Using bath bomb, bath salts or bubble bath is one of the key ingredients to this experience. Having a nice, warm bath allow your skin and your body to relax and detox. Use warm water to open up your pores. Make sure to add the bubble bath or bath salt while the water is running so that the circulation of the water mixes the soap and make more fizz of bubbles. Take your time when soaking under the bath. Take your mind off everything. Breath. If you have those eye masks, put it on.

After you have enjoyed your bath, finish the experience off by applying aromatherapy lotion or oil to your body. It will lock in moisture to your body and further relax you. Two for one deal! I like this one from Bath and Body Works. It helps me sleep faster!

I had more products in the cover photo because the second part of this spa night is the facial routine. I want to make a specific post for that, but I have one that's similar in the mean time. If you are interested in learning my facial routine, click here. It's my night time face routine for those days I want to take extra care of my skin.

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