How to Manage Your Time

10:24 PM

Ever wonder if we have 36 hours a day instead of 24? Are you always in a hurry in the morning? Do you have things to do but just do not have the time to do it? This is exactly how I feel when I was in college full-time and work full-time at the same time. Sleep becomes some sort of luxury…literally! I would have 4 to 5 hours of sleep the most even on the days I’m off, its either I’m doing homework or I’m catching up on some chores/errands. Basically, I have zero free time and if I need to do something else between work and school, I have to sit down and plan everything.

Apparently, I can’t do anything spur of the moment otherwise the things I need to do would definitely suffer and the last thing I want to do is to cram. Unlike others, I do not work well under pressure. I take my time and that’s how I do it the right way. We all heard about being organized would be one of the ways to manage your time. I beg to differ! Getting organized IS THE ONLY WAY.

Do you ever wonder how to juggle everything together between work and school? Organizing is what worked for me. Aside from the calendar, reminder and the note application on my phone, laptop or table, I use an old school version to manage my time. For some reason, I manage my time better that way. Usually, organizers have another section that allows you to write down weekly plans. Make good use of it and write down the things that you need to do for the day. We often tend to put off some of the errands that we can do during our days off like maintaining the room. Let me give you a scenario, laundry that wasn't put away yesterday could be done even if you're busy during the week that you work, instead of spending half an hour on facebook, twitter or instagram, go and put away those laundry. It might not even take an hour. Procrastinating is overrated! Haha.

Learn when to say no. What it means is that if a friend invites you randomly to eat out or go to the mall and if you have something planned out that immediately needs your attention, say no to yourself and be faithful to your commitment. There's always a next time and guess what like your bills, things needed to be done wont go away and just like your money if you don't spend your time appropriately it's gone before you know it. t Set up a routine. Since I work Monday to Friday, I rarely do much during the weekdays. Thus, I make sure that I plan my weekends tediously because then it allows me to be productive. If I decide to stay in on a Friday night, I usually sort my laundry to be done the next day. Saturday is my catch-up-on-errand day which includes cleaning up and grocery shopping. Since I wake up early, I finish everything up before the afternoon and guess what? I have all that free time to myself. Speaking of "free time", I try to do as much while Dave (bf) is at work so by the time he comes home, we can go ahead and do whatever we want right away. Take note: when everyone else is busy at the moment, that's the perfect time to do everything so when they are actually free, you can hang out with them instantly, no need to say no then! Wink wink!

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