How to Save Money

9:00 AM

It, honestly, is very difficult for me to save money, especially that I only have a College bank account, which doesn't allow me to open up my own savings account. For this summer, I have planned a lot of adventures, however, saving money for these adventures is the real challenge. So, to solve this problem, I have decided to create a few ways to encourage me to save money for my adventures.

Check out a video we did on saving money as well!

1. "Piggy Bank"

Create a very cute "piggy bank" so you'll be inspired to really save money. You can use any kind of jar and just check out ideas from Pinterest then have fun in making a cute "piggy bank".

2. Plan out how much you want to save

There are a few ways to save money. You can just tell yourself to put about $5 every week, or I have found a better way to save money.
A 30-Day Money Challenge is another option. There are various ways to save money.

3. Budget your money

When trying to save money, that does not mean that you don't spend any for yourself. I believe that you also need to reward yourself to cheap things once in a while.

4. Be strong and follow through

Lastly, you have to believe that you can save money! You just have to follow through with your plan and not give up!

Happy saving!


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