Travel Diaries: Buying Swimsuits

9:00 AM

Summer is just around the corner!  That means it’s going to get hot...very hot.  And when it gets hot, you need water…a lot of water.  And where do you find a lot of water?  At the beach or in a pool of course!  But what do you need to wear when you go to the beach or to the pool?  Bingo— a swimsuit!

So you may know about a future Cancun trip that Denise and I are taking along with a few other girl friends.  During this trip, we will be surrounded by water.  Now, I don’t do much swimming (I don’t even know how to swim), so I didn’t have a whole lot of swimsuits.  I had one pretty Victoria’s Secret bikini that I invested in, a Hello Kitty bikini, and my old one piece swimsuit from P.E. in high school.  My fashion consultant, Denise (founder of this website), told me that I could not take my Hello Kitty bikini with me to Cancun.  There was no way I was ever going to wear my high school P.E. swimsuit again.  That left me with one bikini to bring with me for our trip.  I needed to do some major swimsuit shopping. 

Swimsuits aren’t always the most fun thing to go shopping for.  I know that I get disappointed or start to feel insecure sometimes when I try swimsuits on in the fitting rooms; especially after I just ate. 
Here are some tips for buying swimsuits, along with my experiences:

1. The key is finding a swimsuit that you feel comfortable and confident in. - Find one that accentuates all the right parts.  Some styles will flatter different body types more than others, but don’t let that stop you from trying on styles that you like.  As long as you feel beautiful in it, you are!

I have a small bust and small butt.  This is why I love Victoria’s Secret.  Their swimsuits make me feel more sexy and confident.  The first Victoria’s Secret bikini I bought was perfect because it was a push-up bikini top, with a little bit of ruffles and a bow in the middle.  This was perfect for me because it made my bust look fuller in every way that it could.  The bottom was alright.  I just bought it because I needed a bottom and it matched with the top.  Obviously, I didn’t have a whole lot of swimsuit shopping experience back then. This brings me to my next point. 

2. Be picky! - Don’t buy a top or bottom just because it matches something else.  Make sure that both parts are flattering on your body. 

Recently, I went to Victoria’s Secret again and bought three bikini tops with three matching bottoms.  They are all push-up bikini tops because I need it.  I was not blessed with a voluptuous body.  Being pickier this time around, I bought two bikini bottoms that are smaller than the first one I bought because it cuts off at a nice place on my butt so that it is more flattering. 

3.  Go shopping with friends. – Go to the fitting rooms together.  Victoria’s Secret even let one of my girl friends and I share a fitting room. 

While swimsuit shopping, I also bought a high-waisted bottom because I loved the style.  I tried it on, and knew I had to have it.  It also helped having a friend there to tell me that I needed to get it.  I am super indecisive, but luckily I have good, honest, fashionable friends who will tell me if something is a fashion do or fashion don’t.

4. Don’t get stuck on sizes or brands. – Don’t feel like the size or brand of a swimsuit is labeling you.  
I tried some swimsuits on at Target before buying at Victoria’s Secret.  They were not very flattering on me.  Maybe it was because the sizes are x-small, small, medium, large, x-large instead of bra sizes.  Whatever it was, they just didn’t work and I felt self-conscious trying them on in the fitting room. 

I am normally an x-small, but bikini tops in that size were too small for me when I tried it on at Target.  The smalls just weren’t flattering on me either.  However, I did find a high-waisted leopard print bikini bottom at Target for $8 that I figure I can match with my black bikini top that I bought at Victoria’s Secret.  If I found a bikini top at Target that made me feel beautiful, I would have bought it. 

5. Keep trying on all the swimsuits you like. – If you can't find anything, don't give up!  Try on different sizes and styles.  You need to try it on before you buy it!  Even if you’ve got the body of a goddess, don’t assume that it will look great on you. 

I tried a bunch of swimsuits on at both places before buying ones that I was happy with.  Even swimsuits from the same place that were the same size fit differently.  You never know exactly how it will fit unless you try it on.  It can be time consuming, but finding the right swimsuit is like finding your soul mate.  The more you try on, the closer you will be to finding the right one for you.

6. Invest in a good swimsuit, even if you have to spend a little more money. – Don’t buy a swimsuit just because it’s cheap.  Invest in some swimsuits that you won’t be ashamed to be seen in.  Whether they’re $8 or $80, buy swimsuits that make you feel beautiful.

I spent a fortune on just three bikini tops and bottoms at Victoria’s Secret, but I do believe it was worth it because (1) I needed new swimsuits, and (2) They made my body look better than any other swimsuits.  I’m not saying that you should spend all your money to buy swimsuits at Victoria’s Secret.  I just happened to get mine from there because they were more flattering on me than other swimsuits I’ve tried. 

Those were some tips from my own experiences.  I was going bikini shopping because I don’t want a whole bunch of weird tan lines.  However, I am still on the lookout for tankinis and sexy one piece swimsuits.  These can be difficult for me to find because I don’t have a lot of curves and end up looking flatter than ever.  I just need to find ones that cut off at the right spots (by the lower back), and also have some sort of padding (for the upper part of my body).  It can be difficult finding what you want, but as long as you keep these tips in mind, I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect swimsuit for you!

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