Tuesday Movie Night Review : Avengers: Age of Ultron

9:00 AM

Today, we review a blockbuster hit movie that was recently released in theaters world wide. Avengers: Age of Ultron, second installment to the Avengers series. I'll try not to spoil the movie but I'll definitely talk about the movie in general, my thoughts on how it did and if it is worth the long wait.

Off the bat, the movie starts off with our heroes engaging in a battle against a common foe.  During the movie the heroes face battles both mental and physical. Along the way, new faces are introduced to us and who they are loyal to kept everyone at their seats. Aside from the numerous fight scenes, the movie is balanced with some comic relief from our heroes whether being something funny a hero did or an indirect reference to future movies/ideas only the true Marvel fan would only get. It goes into more depth on key items and how they tie in to *hint hint* future movie/s. Take note of chemistry between two characters.

I feel that this movie kept me entertained, especially the funny moments and as well as the famous Stan Lee cameo. The only downside I could think of is that the movie run time was two hours and twenty one minutes. Otherwise that I got to say it was fun and I would recommend this movie as a must see. Don't forget to stick around mid-credits for the classic Marvel teaser clip.

All photos can be found here.

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