Workshop Wednesday: Your Mind Needs A Break

2:41 PM

It's so common today for everyone to be multitasking, for everyone to always be on their phone answering a few emails while having dinner. It's like people can't focus on doing one thing anymore. We have become accustomed to the fast-paced life that we live in and in the end we leave ourselves drained. I would like to propose an idea where everyone just sits still even for a moment just to clear your mind.

It's important for you to give yourself some time to reboot. You need to give your mind a break especially with everything that you put into it. Even computers need to shut down once in a while or it will start processing things slower. This is why it's important for you to take this moment to calm yourself and your brain.

I find it hard to clear my mind. I triy to give myself at least an hour a week which is when I get a massage or I meditate to just clear my mind. It's harder than you think. When you're sitting there or when you're lying there with nothing to do all of your thoughts go all excited and just spring up at you all at once. It's so easy to think of everything when you're sitting still, but try not to do that. Try to give yourself this moment to just think of nothing but the air and it surrounds you the sound and the way you breathe. I suggest you go to a meditating class if you would like to practice on your meditating skills. You will find a lot of community meditating classes cheap. Keep your eyes out for deals! Even doing things like yoga helps you find balance and also clear your mind.

It's so easy to get caught up with work and find yourself working after hours or even the weekend, but remember that you always need to give yourself some time to recoup. This will help you perform better at work and this will also give your mind more energy to process ideas or thoughts. Learn to relax have fun and take a breather. You deserve it.

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