How to : Change the Oil in Your Car

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Save money by changing your car's oil. It is easier than you would imagine and you can save time by doing it yourself, rather than waiting for someone to be free to do it. Check out this easy DIY.

Before starting anything you need to know some key information about the car you are changing the oil for. There are different parts for every car.  All the information you'll need is found in your car's manual. Once you found that (or look online), write down the following information you'll need when going to the auto store:
  • Year, Make, Model of your Car (Everybody is unique) 
  • Engine Size  (This will tell you how much oil is needed)
  • Oil type (i.e SAE 5W-20)
Head to your local auto store and ask an associate for assistance with the information you have on your car for an oil change.

After gathering all the necessary items needed for an oil change, you will need to change into clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (it will get messy and lots of paper towel will be needed).

Hold on just a second before we start opening the hood we need a few tools to get the job done.
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  • Car jack (lifts the car)
  • Car jack stands (for safety and to hold the car up)
  • Socket wrench
  • Gloves (preferably rubber)
  • Towels (old ones to catch spilled oil)
  • Oil drain pan (heat safe, recommend one with a spout)
  • Oil and Oil filter bought from store
  • Funnel 
To help the oil flow out easier have the car be on for at least a minute before starting the oil change.

Now that your car is warmed up and turned off might I add. Raise the car up by using the car jack and to hold the car in place, place the jack stands on stable points of the car.

At the top of the engine, unscrew the oil cap for easy flow of oil. Locate the drainage plug which is usually located on either the driver's side or passenger's side underneath the car.  After locating the bolt use the socket wrench with the appropriate size and loosen the bolt.

After loosening the bolt, place the drain pan under the area of the bolt.(Use good judgement or else you'll have a messy floor and a face full of oil.)
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Once you have placed the pan below, continue to loosen the bolt and you'll notice the oil will start to drip out. Eventually it will pour out. While that is emptying out, locate the oil filter on the car. Most of the time it is located close to the bolt. Remove this filter once the oil from the bolt is done or at least down to just dripping. There will be a little bit of oil that will drip out of the filter.

Once all the old oil is emptied out from the car, grab the new oil and the new filter. Place a bit of oil on the rubber ring and the threads by dipping your finger in the new oil and coat the two spots.  This well ensure longevity of the rubber seal. Hand tighten the filter to the car to avoid destroying the thread of the filter.
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Replace the bolt back on to the car and refill your oil based on your car's manual. After filling car, make sure everything is tightened and the car is return to the ground floor. Start your car and take note of any leakage from under the car. Also write down your current mileage and date on a sticker or keep a notebook of your oil changes for better tracking. Now your car is feeling refreshed, take it out on a spin and notice a smoother ride with that new oil change that you, yes you have done by yourself for a fraction of a price shops charge.

Don't forget to dispose of old oil easily at many auto parts stores.

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