How To: Find Swimsuits for your Body

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Finding the perfect swimsuit for your body can be a challenge.  Here are some tips for finding a swimsuit that suits your needs!

For ladies with smaller busts (like myself) – A push-up halter top will be your best friend at the beach.  Triangle tops, ruffles, tassels, bows, and other embellishments may add volume and make your bust look bigger.  Try different prints to draw attention to your bust area.  However, girls with smaller busts can get away with wearing bandeaus because support isn’t really an issue for us.
For ladies who have a smaller butt (also like myself) – Smaller bikini bottoms make your butt appear fuller and gives the illusion of more curves.  Bottoms that are tied on the sides also add volume so you look curvier.
For ladies who want sexy one piece swimsuits for their not so curvy body – Find a one piece with cutouts.  Side cutouts give the appearance of curves.
For curvier ladies with larger busts – Swimsuits with support are a must.  You may need to find one that is sized the same way as your bra.  Thicker straps, higher backs, and underwire will help with support.  When matched with a high-waisted bottom, you get a chic swimsuit outfit.  You girls are able to pull of those sexy one pieces without even trying.  However, avoid cutouts because it will add more curves. 
For ladies who want to cover up their midsection – You can either wear a one piece swimsuit, a tankini, or a high-waisted swimsuit.  There are many different styles to choose from depending on what look you want.  Ruched and layered one piece swimsuits have a slimming effect.  There are adorable peplum tankini tops to choose from.  High-waisted tops may help with slimming your midsection as well.
This was just a general idea of swimsuits that are supposed to be flattering for different body types.  Don’t feel like you’re limited to certain styles though. Remember, you never know how it will look on you until you try it on.  Hope this helped!  Happy shopping!

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