How to throw a Gatsby Party

9:47 AM

Theme parties are exciting and fun, you get to dress up and not just dress up to impress, you really have to think about what you would wear from the dress, to accessories down to your shoes. I haven’t been into one since Halloween but fortunately my boyfriend got invited to a Gatsby Theme Party and I was nothing but excited. I knew everything had to be glamorous…and that was the only thing I knew about it. I had zero idea what to wear. Hahaha. Thus, I made use of Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube to figure it all out and I can never be more proud of myself because I perhaps only spent 20 bucks for the entire outfit. The secret was researching and recycling the things that I already had in my closet. I didn’t need anything more than a hot date (which was of course my boyfriend) and my happy self to wear my outfit with confidence!

For my outfit, I decided to use one of my little black dresses. I wore a nude pair of high heels. For my make up, I decided to have a dark smokey eye and purple lipstick. I wasn’t really sure what to do with my hair so I decided to curl it like how I would normally do it but to give it a little glam, I bought a hairpiece and a pair of fingerless gloves to polish my entire look.

Dave (my boyfriend) who happened to be very supportive of “Not A Size Zero” decided to wear a red button down shirt with a grey bow tie and a black blazer. He was the reason why this blog post happened, it was his idea and he took most of the pictures that night.
The woman of the night who turned 40 who obviously do not look like one wore a white dress with gold shimmers on the bottom part, which flaunted her amazing figure. The back part of her dress showed her entire back. It was seductive yet sophisticated at the same time with the boa around her shoulder.
I also heard from a good source that she did not spend much to rent half of the restaurant of the hotel. She has been organizing theme parties since she became an event coordinator, why not throw one for herself, eh? To make the party very inviting, she had a deejay all night and a photobooth set up for everyone to enjoy.
What I really loved about the party was how the table was set up. The cake and the sweets were decorated fantastically! She actually baked most of it as well. See it for yourself!
At the end of the night, the theme party, deejay, pictures or the decoration wouldn't have mattered if the celebrant and the guest weren't having fun but we all did have a blast! Wink wink!

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