Music Review: M (EP) by BIGBANG

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Hello wonderful people, I am back with another music review. This time I will talk about the songs in BIGBANG's new EP "M". The songs are "Bae Bae" and "Loser".

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I must say, after listening to "Bae Bae", I was left at awe. I was not expecting this type of music from BIGBANG. Usually, BIGBANG has those songs that either make you want to dance and turn up, or those songs that hit you so bad that you just want to curl up under your sheets and cry. With this song, I just felt a bit confused. Maybe I also need to touch up on my Korean because I hardly understood the song. But after looking for the translation of the song, I understood what the song is about. It is about this a guy being in love with a girl, but it seems like not just an ordinary love. It seems like this guy is crazy obsessed with this girl.

I guess if I was not watching the music video while listening to the song, I could have focused more on the song. But I was too distracted with the music video, so we will start with the music video. It started with G-dragon roaming around the room full of statues or sculptures of women, and he was just getting crazy in that room, but not in a sexual way. Then you see Taeyang, with his long hair, riding a horse with this girl. After seeing this scene, I was just like, "what?" I guess I should have expected the music video to be a bit weird, because BIGBANG usually has weird music videos.
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3/5 stars

The second song in this EP is "Loser". I felt like this song made much more sense when I saw it with the music video. The song is about someone thinking of himself or herself as a loser and that he or she does not fit in. I thought it is a very depressing song, especially when you look at the translation of the lyrics because there was a point where the song goes "Sometimes I want to lay down/I want to say goodbye". Now, this song is written by Teddy, TOP, and G-Dragon; I just wonder who got very depressed and wrote a song about how depressed he is.

The music video is much better compared to "Bae Bae". I, however, got a bit upset when I saw TOP locked lips with someone in this video. As you can tell, I am TOP's #1 Fan girl, and I got excited how he just made an Instagram account. Shout out to TOP :) Anyway, I thought that the men really showed their talents in acting with this music video. You can really see how YG trained them really well, with not just singing and performing, but also with acting. I felt like the members of BIGBANG are showing how much they have matured through the years. If you start watching their old music videos, like "We Belong Together", you can definitely see the massive change with how they make their music video and the way they act in a music video.
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4/5 stars

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