Travel Diaries: Prepping Your Skin for the Beach

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We are officially in a summer frenzy because the weather is definitely getting warmer or perhaps consistent? We know for a fact that we will be spending the rest of the summer almost always outdoors but before we decide to devour all the sun's vitamin D and ahem, of course, the UV rays, which happens to be really really really really bad for our skin (and yes I said "really" more than twice). Hence, we need to take extra care of our skin by making sure that we are protected from these harmful UV rays. Not that we only need to take care of our skin during the hot days but being mindful of the result of neglecting our skin while we soak up the sun before it's too late, so to speak. 

1. Like I mentioned before in my previous post, 15 things to do this summer, it is important that we get sunscreen and not only when we are about to go swimming or sun tanning but also on a regular basis.

2. Having flawless, radiant skin would also show on how much water you drink. Yes! Everyone says that we need to drink water because our body just craves it! Taking care of our skin also comes from within. None of the moisturizer, toner or facial cleanser that could beat the wonders of H20! Wink wink.

3. Aside from hydrating yourself, your skin also reveals your diet. Wonder why you have been breaking out? Oily skin? Indeed, having the perfect or at least ideal skin would surely depend on what you eat. Ever wonder why oatmeal and honey makes your skin so smooth? Now get this, maybe even more when you have it in your system from within out.

4. As much as you wash your face everyday, it is essential that you exfoliate to remove all the residue that an everyday facial wash is not able to entirely. Because some of the exfoliating face wash could be just a little too intense, it only needs to be done every 4 to 5 days. Otherwise, your skin might end being too dry.

5. Set up your routine. I normally do all my diy facial every Friday after a long week. I start by washing my face with an exfoliator. Next, I apply my mask. Afterwards, I rinse and wash my face using a brush (those things that spin, if you know what I mean) Then I would use a toner and apply moisturizer. Since my skin is prone to acne, I use facial wash that has a benzoyl peroxide. Also, my skin is too sensitive, thus I'm careful on how much amount of benzoyl peroxide when I purchase any facial products. This routine has worked for me for almost two years now. Take note that I do not do this everyday, my daily routine is much simpler and we will talk about that in a different blog...soon! 

6. Play around with products and see what works for you. What I means is that you don't go out and buy products every time and change from one product to another if it doesn't work out for your skin. What you can do is that you could grab samples from a beauty store such as Sephora. I usually go there or Macy's to test products and make sure that you grab enough to test it out for at least a week. So you see a legit result rather than only using for one or two days. Our skin might react to it longer because it would adjust to a new product (or at least that's what I've experienced).

7. Get some sleep! Whatever you do to your body, your skin reveals a reflection of it. More sleep, more glow. I mean really, just try to have at least 7 hours of sleep, you'll see much much difference.
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