Ugly Duckling Series: Denise

9:00 AM

Having insecurities is not a crime, it is part of being human. What is a crime though is to let it control you. There are a lot of reasons why girls get insecure, but remind yourself this: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; and nobody has died from insecurities. No one will stop you from recognizing these things you do not like about yourself, but if you let this run your life, then that's a problem.

Today I would like to share with you some of the things that I feel quite insecure about, but I will also share with you how I conquer them. This doesn't mean that I don't see these traits as insecurities anymore, these are daily struggles I have to keep fighting. The more I believe in myself, the stronger I become. The stronger I become the more confident I feel...and really, how you feel is reflected on how you look.

I feel that every woman has struggled with their weight, it may be because they're too skinny or too big. We have all been there. My weight is a constant struggle for me as well. I'm always trying to lose weight mostly because I wanted to look great, but I came to realize how unhealthy I was which led me to want to be healthy inside and out. Some will argue that I don't look big, but to some I do look bigger especially next to my friends. I have learned not to compare myself to other people. If I decided that I am unhappy with the way I look it will not be because someone is skinnier than I am. Someone will always be thinner or sexier than you, it doesn't matter. What matters is how great you feel. You may be a really sexy person, but if you're unhealthy then that's a problem. Same goes for someone who is has a bigger build. The key is that you believe you are beautiful. Once you believe your beautiful than nothing else will matter. No one can say otherwise. No words can ever make you doubt that you are beautiful whatever size you may be.

The same idea goes for my skin. I have always compared myself to other people in their skin, most of the time to celebrities who have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on skincare and a dermatologist. I don't have resource to that, but I do have resource to facial products that can help. Dermatologists are also often included in your health insurance, so take advantage of that. I also found that stressing out on my skin gave me more problems, so I learned to let go of the little things and the things I can't control. Another way, I combated this insecurity is by taking better care of myself. Having a proper diet will not only help with my first insecurity, but also this one. It's a win-win situation really.

I feel that no Asian insecurity blog will be complete without talking about their height...or maybe that's just me. I really don't have a lot of tall friends, but I do have friends who have legs that make them appear taller because it's thinner. I guess this just goes back to my weight issue which, again, is something that I still battle from day to day. I have thunder thighs, and there's really no way around it. How I got over this hurdle is I got over it. Sometimes that's really all you can do. 

I guess the lesson for all of our ugly duckling posts is: Accept who you are, love who you are and the world will do the same.

You are beautiful, now share this with your beautiful friends and let them know how beautiful they are!

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