Workshop Wednesday: Finding Your Inspiration

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We have to admit, there are times when we feel like we just want to give up and just forget about even trying; I know I have. There are some days where we just feel so uninspired and dull. Here are a few tips to avoid those kinds of days and just have inspiration.

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1.) Use your imagination

You might be thinking, "how the hell can I be imaginative if I am uninspired?" Here's what I think about that. Even though we feel uninspired to even start our day, our mind does not stop being creative. The only time our mind stops working is when we are dead, so as long as we are alive, our imagination still works. We just have to think outside the box!
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2.) Go outside

We live in Chicago, and I think the weather has been very nice lately. It is very hard to just walk outside during winter time, but since it's summer, I feel like we should take advantage of it and just enjoy the nature! Usually, nature can do wonders, like calm our nerves, and free our mind from stress. Enjoy the beauty the world has to offer and go outside! :)
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 3.) Make time for yourself

 We tend to get very busy with our lives that we forget to take care of ourselves and make time for ourselves. Whether it is going for a mani-pedi, or enjoying a great book, just do something that you definitely love. This way, you won't end up "losing yourself", because you are doing things that you love.
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4.) Notepads

We are in a world of technology that people just use their cellphones for everything. I like to keep it old-fashioned in certain ways, and I like having a little notepad with me at all times! Sometimes, we tend to forget wonderful ideas, or quotes we see from the coffee shop or even at the train. So, keeping a notepad at all times would be helpful. Write down daily quotes or wonderful ideas to keep track of all of them.
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5.) Share your ideas

Share your great ideas with your family and friends! You never know who will appreciate the greatness of your ideas if you just keep it to yourself. Also, by sharing your ideas, you may get wonderful advice from your family and friends, so SHARE!

So there you have it. These are just some tips that I still follow to find inspiration. For some people, inspiration is easy to find, for others, it's much more difficult. Try following these tips and let us know if they help or not.

Good Luck!


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