Beauty Test Kitchen: Make Up Round Up

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Hey guys! It's Denise again from Today's round up is all about make up. I'm always excited to share with you what I think of make up products. I love playing with make up and comparing them. Don't forget to watch this video below as well!

I Dream of Sugar All Over Face Make Up Palette

I love the idea of an all over face palette. It's easy to travel with and it takes the guessing game out of what you need to pack for your vacations. It's also going to lessen the load on your packing. The only thing is, I've never really had good luck with an all over face palette.

Let's talk about they eye shadows. There's 16 in this palette. I don't like that the only matte shadow is the black one. I also didn't like that it's not that pigmented. Below is a swatch of all of the colors. It's pretty build-able, but as you can see there's not a whole range of colors. It's mostly in the iridescent nude shade. The formula is pretty smooth. It's not gritty or chalky which is nice.

I'm not a big fan of lip glosses in pans; it gets pretty messy. I also don't like that the formula of this lip gloss is tacky and sticky. I love the range of colors form nude to pink, orange and red. For a full face palette, it's quite pigmented. You will have to apply multiple times, so you will run out of the lip glosses fast.

There's two blush colors that a quite pigmented on this palette. They're very smooth as well so that's a plus. You get two colors. One is the airy peach color and the other is a rose gold kind of shade I really love both of the colors on this palette. I like that there's a shimmer and a matte blush. I would even use the rose gold for my eyes which is awesome because I love multi-use products.

The bronzer has hint of shimmer. It is less opaque as the blushes, so it gives you a subtle bronze. The formula is smooth like the other powders in this palette which is something I like.  Overall, I'm iffy about this product. The blush and bronzer are great. i can even work with the lip glosses, but there's just not a lot of color pay off and color range with the eye shadow. This palette is available at Kohls for $22.00.

Sugar Stick Cream Eye Shadow

A little background about my skin... it's very oily. I don't like using cream shadows because it creases on me. This one is not different. If you use an eye primer and lock it with a powder, it works fine. The color pay off is pretty good for a $5.00 product. It is very build-able and can get pretty intense. This is also available on Kohls. This shade is in sterling.

Sugar Lip Habit Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo

I got to try the colors romantic rose and very berry which is a barbie pink and a berry color. I like this the best out of all the lip products I tried. It's very opaque. The color pay off is great! There's 3 other colors in this collection.The color of the lipgloss matches the lipstick really well. The very berry  looks purple on the site, but it is in the berry shade. The lip gloss for the very berry shade is mauve-y on it's own, but again it works well on top of the lipstick. This is $10.00 on Kohls, but again you get both lipstick and gloss. The formula is very creamy and the lipgloss isn't as tacky as their other glosses which I love. I also loveeeee that it smells like bubble gum! Major plus in my opinion. I hate plastic-y smelling products.

Sugar Lip Sherbet Sparkling Lip Gloss

This is my least favorite lip gloss from the products that I tried. It has three colors available, but it all applies clear. The way it looks is all too toy-ish for me. I know that this brand is for a younger audience, but this is like 5 year old gloss. I didn't like the the consistency of the product. Over all it didn't work for me, especially for $9.00 each at Kohls.

Sugar Lip Glaze Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is so-so for me. The want is not your typical lip gloss brush. It's actually like a small paddle. The color pay off is better alone compare to the lipgloss on the Sugar Lip Habit, but it's still pretty shear. It's still a gloss you put on top of a lip stick. The perfectly plum is actually on the berry side rather than plum. It works well with the lipstick of the Sugar Lip Habit in very berry. I also got to try the shade in barely there which true to it's name looks very natural and nude. These lip glosses go for $9.00 on Kohls. On the site, there's no plum shade, but they have two other colors I didn't get to try.

Sugar-licious Sugar Lip Scrub

This product claims to exfoliate your lips while conditioning and moisturizing it. I've tried lip scrubs from Lush before and this one is definitely creamier than the Lush lip scrub. You can still feel the granules of sugar, but it's very fine. This products is quite sticky due to the cream surrounding the sugar particles. I wish it had more sugar particles to better scrub the flakes off the lips. If you're interested in trying it out it's $10.00 at Kohls.

Jane Iredale Mystikol

I love the idea of the eyeshadow packed like this. It is very travel friendly and clumsy girl friendly which is a big plus for me. I like the formula of this product. It's a powdered eye shadow, but the application feels creamy and smooth. The color is very intense, especially with the darker shades. I tried the malachite, and it's a great color specially for your crease if you're doing a smoky eye look and you want to stay away from black. There are six colors to this collection which is awesome! It is on the pricey side. I feel like $20.00 for two colors is a little too much for me. You can get them at Jane Iredale's website.

Jane Iredale Jelly Jar Gel Eye Liner

I got to try the shade green for the liners. There's five colors in this collection.I like that it's quite opaque, but the green one is more of a moss color and I really didn't like that color. It's also a little too pricey for me. I mean it's a smooth consistency, but I feel like I can get a better color range for cheaper with a drugstore brand. It's $28.00 at the Jane Iredale website. They do have a unique color selection, I'll give them that.

Lavanilla Laboratories Healthy Roller-ball Fragrance 

I'll get right into it. I love this product! This is my first roller-ball perfume. I'm a spray kinda gal, but I love that this is a roller ball. A little goes a very long way. It smells sooooooo amazing! It's kinda sweet and citrusy both scents alone don't work very well with me,  but together, they're magic! It goes for $19.00 at the Lavanilla website. 

If you guys tried out any of these products, let us know how you liked them down in the comments section!

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