Movie Review: Ant Man

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Among the recent announcement of upcoming Marvel movies in production, a new hero gets his own movie. Ant-man, The story of an unlikely hero born from turning around his past mistakes. This review may contain spoilers so be warned, otherwise that sit back, relax, and enjoy this Marvel movie review.

The story takes place when Hank Pym, played by Micheal Douglas, hides technology that he knows if in wrong hands can cause mass destruction. So Pym, after being kicked out of his own company by his protege, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll), seeks out the help of an unlikely person he had been keeping an eye on for quite some time.

Scott Lang(Paul Rudd) is releashed from prison and is picked up by his friend Luis(Micheal Pena). Scott wanting to correct the wrongs in his past and being able to provide for his daughter, tries to pick up a job. He ends up at Baskin Robbins and is let go due to his boss finding out about his criminal record. Down on his luck Lang accepts this one time job that Luis heard from various questionable sources. The job was to break in a house and take money that is placed in a safe. Upon arriving at the safe they find out they found something worth more to someone else than them.
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The plot thickens more when Lang and Pym work together to stop this new evil.
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Overall I enjoyed the movie. It was balanced between action and comedy. There were moments were you couldn't stop laughing from either Rudd's comments or his team which included Micheal Pena and rapper T.I. to name a few. The story does go in depth of how this hero was born and hint hint gets your feet wet on upcoming Marvel movies.  I recommend watching this movie and sticking around post credits for that classic Marvel teaser.

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