Video: August Favorites

5:35 PM

It's time to gather the best products I have come across this month for a monthly favorite. I didn't have as much stuff in my favorites as I'd hope, but these products are tried and true by yours truly, so I hope you find something worth trying.

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Skin Care:
This was heaven sent the past few weeks. After trying out the supplements from my haul, I had a major breakout event! It was bad. My acne was horrible because of the supplements, but this product saved me. It was a regular in my night routine for a while.

I talked about this product in my review for Halfstack Magazine. Check out that video here and find out why I love this product.

The best baby blue nail polish I found so far, and can you beat this price? I find myself always purchasing cheaper brands for the color, because I go the best base and top coat anyway. I just can't justify spending $8-15 for nail polish. Especially since I often change my nail polish anyway.

Best top coat ever! I am in love with how fast my nails dry and how long it lasts with this top coat. I've tried other top coats, but nothing beats this!

This is the perfect clean, fresh scent! I am in love with this. Ipsy has a 30% discount for a purchase at Just use the code IPSY.

Make Up
City Color Contour Effects - $6.95 (Amazon)
I haven't stopped using this the moment I got it. This is the only thing I contoured with the past month. The color pay off is amazing. I got this at Five Below for $5.00, but you can't buy online. I did find a link for a cheap alternative as well. 

I have been so into highlighting lately and this is my go to highlighter for last month, I'm still on the hunt for a cheaper alternative, so I'm keeping my eyes open.

I got this in the tartlette 101 set I bought for a friend, but ended up wanting for myself. I wasn't able to find a regular sized version for this shade, so I just linked it to the tartlette box.

I love everything about this lippie. The packaging, the shade, the formula. It's such an amazing color. I want to have them all!

All my oily skin ladies raise your hands. Let us come together and celebrate the invention of blotting sheets. This has been a favorite for quite sometime. I feel like I've had this pack forever and it's still lasting. I love that this blotting sheet really take the oiliness out of the face and leave it onto the sheet. 

This product was a gift that finally surfaced my make up collection. I've had this for a while, but just recently fell in love with it. I love my smashbox primer, don't get me wrong, but recently I've been leaning more to the creamy/lotion type primer rather than the silicone-y feel.

Hands down the best CC cream every. Light weight, but the coverage is anything but light. You will not regret buying it.

I don't have the full size yet, but the lady at Sephora hooked me up with a nice big sample and I fell in love. I'll be owning the regular size soon. That's how much I loved it.

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