The Workshop: Plans and the Future

11:00 AM

It's amazing how much you change without you even noticing it. I started writing this post on 2/17/14. Talk about procrastination. Then, I wanted to start off by telling you that I am a control freak but I'm also a procrastinator, which is a really bad combination. So, what is the connection with this to planning and my future? Not sure. After 3 years, the point of this story has slipped my mind, but I would like to take this post to something more recent if you guys don't mind.

I'm a control freak so I like to plan everything; and when I can't get all the elements to create a plan together, I get super frustrated and I freak out.  I like to know things are getting done and getting done my way. It's hard to trust anybody to do it the way you would, so it's hard working with someone else when you're a control freak like me.

You get so stressed out and burnt out because you're taking so much load to yourself, but also you like the feeling of being busy. If this sounds like you, welcome to the club. I've been trying really hard though, to learn to let go and share responsibilities. It's hard, but its a step forward to being more social and workable, if that makes any sense at all.

I am also a procrastinator, therefore I do my work last minute. I get so much ideas under pressure though, so it's kinda a good thing...not really. Combining the stress I get from taking on such a heavy load and the stress of getting things done when you've only started working the night before is a lot to take on. This is also something that I am trying to change. I want to have free time. I want to be able to enjoy my weekends with friends. I want to feel relaxed because I know that I've done my work before hand.

Fast forward to today, 8/24/17 and I feel completely different. With the work I am in, I have actually developed the skill of delegation and the leadership skills that I have honed came with time management skills. It didn't dawn on me at one time and I just made a change over night. It's a constant thing you have to keep reminding yourself, like with any other skill to develop. I'm happy to say that looking back at my 2014 post, it makes me happy to know that I got what I wanted. I wanted to work on myself and it happened without me even noticing it.

When I was 18, one of my best friends and I were talking about our plans for  the future. We had everything figured out. We were going to get married at 25, have kids at 27 and everything was going to be amazing! I'm now 27, dating a guy fro 5 years, not married, no kids and life is, well, life. Life has a funny way of showing you who is boss.

I'm in debt just like any other college graduate(and if you're not in debt after college, good for you! no need to rub it I've been seeing a lot of these inspiration videos telling me to live my life, that we were not brought into this world to work, get paid and pay bills. I want to believe that this is true. I have girlfriends who got out of their debt pretty quickly and I envy them. I am working hard to get there myself. I even subscribed to David Ramsey's youtube channel. What i learned from those videos is that you may need to suffer for 3-5 years, but at least you'll get out of debt. I also want to believe that that would be ok, but what if I die after I get out of debt. What will my dying reel look like? I won't have memories to look back on, no experiences to share. My life would not have been lived, so I decided to do both.

At 27, I am still living with my parents whose house is 10 minutes away from work, but I am able to make some dents with my debt. Its not the most appealing of lifestyles, but I am able to live outside my debt. It may not be how I pictured my life 9 years ago, but the memories and experiences I have gained since then is irreplaceable. I'm not saying I've made it, but I have made it this far and I am very proud of myself.

In the end, I guess I did achieve what I was working, but it was not planned. I'm still a bit of a control freak, but I know when I should let go and live life. I can't control everything and not everything was meant to be controlled. I guess all I'm trying to say is that we have one time to live, don't wait for life to pass you by because you're perfecting and planning the future. There's nothing wrong with planning and being prepared, but don't miss the bigger picture preparing for something that wasn't even meant to happen. My plans for my future is to keep dreaming big and never stop striving to be better.

 Know where you're going, but have some stop overs for memories. -D

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